4x4 1" Gallery picture frame - Green Apple

4x4 1" Gallery picture frame - Green Apple

this darling little 4x4 square picture frame with a 1" width border is perfect for displaying your small pictures, artwork, special notes, instagrams or hipstamatic photos.  Also a great wedding or baby shower favors or decorations.

comes in several other colors.

The back opening of this frame is 4x4, the front viewable opening is 3.5 x 3.5 to account for the 1/4 inch overlap around the frame.

-If you'd like more than what's listed, contact me and I can up the listing for you.

*all of our frames are made with solid alder. Therefore, each frame is unique and shows the natural grains and markings of the wood.

Photo courtesy of Sue, a fabulous photographer in the Twin Cities www.sgnimagery.com


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