Jokers & Marbles Game 4-8 Player

Jokers & Marbles Game 4-8 Player

A brand new and handmade Marbles & Jokers board game set for 2-8 players.  (also known as  Pegs & Jokers, Marble Pursuit, Social Security.)  An old fashioned version of "Sorry" and similar to "Parcheesi" this is a great family game of strategy that will keep you on your toes.  It can be played with or without partners.

This set includes everything you will need to play the game:

8 wood interlocking paddles
40 colorful glass marbles - 8 different colors/5 each
Velvet marble storage pouch
3 decks of new playing cards
Game storage box

For international shipping please contact me.

***Always keep marbles away from small children as they may pose a choking hazard.


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